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Home Additions

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At San Jose Home Remodel Expert, we have a special service that caters for home additions. Because of the nature of home additions, it requires a workforce and expertise that takes it out of the reach of the things you can do independently. Home addition requires the purchase of requisite construction materials. There will also be a need to use construction methods that are quite sensitive and must be done right. When it comes to home addition, you will need a Professional hand to give you the best home addition service. Our home addition services will not put a dent in your pocket as our rates are pocket friendly.


What Is Home Addition

Home addition is done when you need to add to the existing space in your home. Usually, when you outgrow your current home and don’t want to move into another apartment, home addition needs to be done. It is a creation of additional living space to an existing living space without the need to move into a new apartment. It usually is treated as a fresh construction. It will require the services of a construction expert who is knowledgeable about adding to an existing structure. At San Jose Home Remodel Expert, we consult with interior designers and architects to give you the best home addition services. We create a home addition that’s in line with your taste and combines our professional recommendation.


Types Of Home Additions

Home addition projects vary depending on the size of the addition to be done. Home addition could be just a little room for relaxation or a bigger room for additional living space. There are 4 basic types of home additions you can do in your home, depending on your preference. The first type is the room addition or a bump-out. This type of home addition is usually a single room addition to the side of the house. The room is usually for a particular function, such as a bedroom or a kitchen island. Another type of home addition is the conventional home addition. This type of home addition is a multi-room structure that is added to the side of an existing structure. It is usually open to the main house and becomes the house itself. Another type of home addition is the sunroom, which is made of prefabricated materials such as aluminum. They are usually a small size living area. The last type of home addition is a garage conversion. This is basically turning the garage area into a living area.


Benefit Of Home Additions

Some of the benefits you get with a home addition include an extra living area for friends and family. With a home addition, you get extra room to do whatever you want. You can even rent it out and make more income with it. Home addition saves you cost on moving into another apartment with a larger space. You can also increase the value of your home by executing a home addition project.

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